The Syrian conflict has ravaged the country since 2011, creating millions of internally
displaced persons (IDPs) and refugees displaced beyond borders. Ten years on, and
the conflict is far from over. 

Released on the 10th anniversary of the Syrian uprising, ‘Syria’s Palestinians: A new Nakba’ documents the historic displacement of Palestinian refugees from Syria as well as the vulnerabilities and denial of basic rights that all too many PRS have experienced during secondary forced displacement as a result of their pre-existing refugee status and statelessness.

Based on approximately 60 hours of interviews conducted in Lebanon, Sweden and Germany in 2017, with this report PLHR-Syria recommends pressing changes to improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of PRS in Syria, Lebanon, neighbouring countries and the European Union, and to prepare PRS for increasingly urgent post-conflict challenges such as protracted and/or permanent displacement, returns and reconstruction.

This report also aims to better prepare UN agencies, civil society organisations and European asylum authorities to protect this latest Palestinian diaspora within a diaspora, in what is an ongoing Palestinian catastrophe (Nakba) connecting 1948 Palestine with 2011 Syria.